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Utah State Legislative Board

Chairman: Jeffrie C. Worthington

1515 Nicholls Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT  84106
Office: (801) 487-7065

E-mail:  jeffrie57@comcast.net

Jeff Worthington is the Utah State Legislative Board Chairman of the BLET.  As the Utah State Chairman, Mr. Worthington presides over eleven Division Legislative Representatives throughout the State of Utah. He became the Legislative Representative of Division 846 in 1998 and was elected to the office of First Vice Chairman of the Utah State Legislative Board that year. In 2006 Mr. Worthington was elected Chairman of the Utah State Legislative Board.

Mr. Worthington began his Railroad Career on the Western Pacific Railroad in 1979 as a Brakeman/Conductor and was promoted to an Engineer in 1989. He also joined the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in that same year. In his capacity as Chairman of the Utah State Legislative Board, he is actively involved with Health and Safety issues and the Political Education and Training of the BLET membership in Utah.

As a 3rd generation Engineer, Brother Worthington has always had a desire to participate in union efforts and representation following in the footsteps of his father who served as a Local Chairman for 12 years.

Prior to his railroad career, Jeff worked as a building contractor and attended two years at the University of Utah. Mr. Worthington is the father of 4 children; Jared, Ashley, Jordan and Kelley. He resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Pamela and his 16 year old daughter Kelley. His oldest son Jared recently hired out on the Union Pacific Railroad and is now a 4th generation railroader.

Jeffrie C. Worthington

Jeff Worthington