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Missouri State Legislative Board

Chairman: Brian P. Kelley

1225 Wellington Way
Liberty, MO 64068
E-mail: snoball0@yahoo.com

Brian Kelley is the Missouri State Legislative Board Chairman and a member of BLET Division 502. He served 12 years as a Legislative Representative and is in his seventh year as a State Chairman. Brian has also served as a Safety Coordinator and Safety Chairman. In his capacity as the State Chairman he has worked on legislation in the areas of: Rail Safety, Hazardous Material shipments, Crew Vans, Amtrak Funding, and more.

As a third generation rail worker Brother Kelley wanted to participate in the union effort to maintain and further safe working conditions. Brother Kelley started his railroad career with the Maintenance of Way in 1975. He transferred to the Operating Department and became a Brakeman in 1977. Thereafter he was promoted to Locomotive Engineer in 1992.   

Brian was born in Creston, Iowa in 1957. In high school he was on the wrestling team and ran cross-country. Presently Brian resides in Liberty, MO. He and his wife, Pam has two daughters and twin grand-sons.

He enjoys doing woodworking and landscaping when he is not spending time with family, doing union work, or working on the railroad.

Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley