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Chairman toll-free (800) 864-6993

Kentucky State Legislative Board

Chairman: Bryan Aldridge

PO Box 217
Millwood, KY  42762
(270) 879-8220
Cell: (502) 777--4414

E-mail:  kslb14@windstream.net

Bryan Aldridge

Bryan Aldridge is the Chairman of the Kentucky State Legislative Board. Bryan represents the political interests of approximately seven hundred members and 12 Divisions in the State of Kentucky.

Brother Aldridge followed in many of his family members footsteps and began work for CSX in 1994 at the age of twenty. He has been a BLET member since 2003 and began serving as Local Division LR in the fall of 2005.

Bryan took over for the late brother Tommy Mayne in October of 2007 as State Chairman and still serves as Secretary Treasurer for Division 78.

 Although balancing running the locomotive and tending to union duties can sometimes be a little hectic. I look forward to serving the members of the state of Kentucky.

Bryan Aldridge

Bryan Aldridge