S/T Office (570) 675-2417
S/T fax (570) 675-0584
Chairman toll-free (800) 864-6993

Indiana State Legislative Board

Chairman: Brian J. Farkas

849 S. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Office: (317) 986-7503
fax: (317) 986-7502
Cell: (765) 894-9004
Email: Chairman@bletinslb.org
Website: www.bletinslb.org

Brian Farkas is the Chairman of the Indiana State Legislative Board.  A third generation railroader, Brian started his railroad career in Avon, Indiana on May 6, 1996 working for Conrail.  On May 20, 1997 he was promoted to Locomotive Engineer.  On September 1, 1997 he joined the BLET and has held continuous membership in Division 121 (Indianapolis, Ind.) ever since. He was elected by acclamation during the recent Quadrennial Convention of the INSLB.  



Brian Farkas